Societal commitment

Partnerships, the extension
of our societal convictions

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Business partner of Worldskills France

We equip the candidates for the 2018 National Finals and the 2019 World Championships with state-of-the-art equipment.
We also accompany them during the events and their preparation.

A natural extension of our training school for professional distributors.

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TELMAH - Reach out to Handisport

The endowment fund created in 2011 and supported by Sidamo makes it possible to collect and repay all donations to support Loir-et-Cher's disabled sports projects. The goal is to make the sport accessible to as many people as possible.

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Logo basketball team of Blois
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ADA Blois Basket 41

SIDAMO is part of the "5 major" partners of the Blois basketball club that is playing in PRO B after being crowned French champion of NM1 and PRO B during the 2017-2018 season.
Collective and individual values ​​shared by our teams.

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MyTree est une entreprise à vocation sociale qui a pour objectif de réhabiliter des milieux naturels dégradés au travers d’actions de plantations d’arbres tant en milieu naturel qu'en zone urbaine. Ses projets génèrent de multiples co-bénéfices sociaux et environnementaux, et sont opérés en partenariat avec des partenaires locaux (parfois même en direct avec les agriculteurs ou des particuliers).

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